Ukulele Player For Your Birthday Party

Have you considered hiring a ukulele player for your birthday party?

How does it work?

What could a ukulele player do to enhance your birthday celebrations?

I have played at many parties and events over the years and there is something unique that live music brings that makes an  occasion far more memorable.  This comes from the human element that you can only get with a seasoned and quality live performer.

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First – What To Avoid

I am appalled at the number of solo performers I see working who haven’t memorised the lyrics of the song they are singing. The whole point of having a live performer is the human connection. You just can’t get this connection out of pre-recorded music, and a singer who is reading lyrics off an ipad or a music stand dismally kills this connection.

Another thing to avoid is the lazy or shy singer who sits down. Picture this scenario. All your guests are standing around having drinks, canapes and conversations. If you hire a singer who sits down, no one can see them, therefore there can’t be any connection. A singer needs to be engaging and this can’t be achieved sitting down.

What You Get With Me, Sugarman Slim

  • I am more than just a ukulele player who sings
  • I am an engaging performer who knows how to connect with the audience
  • I have a very accessible  repertoire of songs that I perform in my own unique style

Extra Options

Three Piece Band

I can also perform with other musicians. One of the options I offer is adding a bass player and drummer, to make up a three piece band. All of my repertoire works really well in this three piece band format. I have a sensational list of songs that are fantastic to dance to.


I can also double up as a DJ. I can play from the laid back side of my repertoire earlier on, and then turn into a DJ for the dancing side of the party. *(I have plenty of experience DJ’ing).




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