Sydney’s Number 1 Function Band

Sydney’s Number 1 Function Band

Brief History

There are not many bands left in this town of Sydney. Gone are the heydays of the 1980’s and 1990’s when this town was flush with cover bands. Bands would be working 4 – 5 nights a week and this amount of consistent playing made the bands sound pretty good.

But times have changed, and with the improvements in electronics, recorded music has started sounding better than live bands. Also, the developments in the computer made the laptop become the “new guitar”. It seems like the days of live bands has passed, as so much of today’s music is now generated using loops and samples with heavily processed vocals.

Public Performances

Public gigs for cover bands are few and far between. Most venues that want to include live music opt for a solo guitarist/singer. A handful of pubs in Sydney put on cover bands. The Old Manly Boatshed, the Woollahra Hotel and the Golden Sheaf in Double Bay are three that come to mind.

Function Bands

The fact that there are very few opportunities for bands to play and develop is a major contributing factor that the quality of cover bands is now pretty low.

Another reason for the demise of the quality of cover bands has been the growth in music booking agencies putting together generic “bands” that aren’t actually bands. Agencies such as “Baker Boys”, “Press Club Band” and “White Tree” throw together groups of random musicians. They turn up on the night of the function, meet each other (sometimes for the first time) and then pad out the night with long solos and long breaks.

These agencies spend more money on marketing and advertising and have a stronger internet presence. They can afford to do this because they work on the basis of having maybe ten ensembles out working on the same night. It’s a great business model, but it doesn’t make for great music. If you book one of these generic bands, it’s the luck of the draw who’s going to turn up and play.

An Authentic Band

Slide McBride is an authentic band.

What makes this band authentic?

  • There is only one Slide McBride Band

  • The band members are the same on every gig

  • These same four band members have done hundreds of gigs together as the same unit

What’s The Difference

It’s like a sports team. The more a group of people play together in the same combination, the stronger that collective become. Whether it be netball or rugby, there are specialist positions. It’s the same with a band. A guitarist’s role is different to bass player’s role, which is different to the drummer’s role.

Imagine a game of either netball or rugby, where you have one team that’s been playing together for years, and they are competing against a team that has been thrown together for the first time.

It’s as simple as that…

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Sydney's Number 1 Function Band
Slide McBride



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