Sydney Ukulele Society

The Sydney Ukulele Society

The Sydney Ukulele Society is a completely fictitious group of ukulele afficionados who get together on the third Wednesday of every month to compare certain aspects of the ukulele and investigate those who choose to play this remarkably compact instrument.

President Of The Sydney Ukulele Society

The president of the Sydney Ukulele Society is Sugarman Slim. He was elected unanimously by the board of members that reside in the frontal hemisphere of his left cortex. As president, he is also executor of the creative pursuits undertaken by the Sydney Ukulele Society.

Ongoing projects include;

  1. Maintaining current repertoire
  2. Expanding current repertoire
  3. Diversifying this repertoire for both public and private performances

While this seems to be a natural matter of course, it won’t give any leverage to selecting which horse will win this year’s Melbourne Cup. Sugarman Slim will indeed be representing the Sydney Ukulele Society at a special Melbourne Cup Day event to be held at Royal Randwick Racecourse. The challenge of performing at such an event is the tertiary nature of his contribution.

Gambling is always the primary form of entertainment, followed closely by, “boozing on”. If a song or two can be squeezed in, between races, then it is possible for some light ambiance to be provided while the gentlemen leave the room to urinate, defecate or else “duck outside for a ‘ciggy'”.

The favourite on the day is always the legendary drinker, smoker and former test cricketer, Mr Kevin Douglas . He’ll be on hand to handle the account of the Punter’s Club. Members of this club endorse his squandering of their financial interests in pursuits of what’s ‘fair dinkum’ and “gimme another beer, will ya, mate”?

ukulele 8

For those of you who need more than just a ukulele player, may I suggest the band, Slide McBride.

Their singer/frontman dabbles in ukulele, in addition to playing trombone and trumpet.

For more information, please refer to their website – http://slidemcbride.com/


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