Sydney Ukulele Player’s Best Tip For Learning Ukulele

If you live in Sydney, then you are surely aware of how terrible the traffic is. Sydney is spread out over 12,367.7 square kilometres with a population of over five million people. Public transport in this town has never been particularly good. This has resulted in the car being the most common means of getting around.

Anyone who lives in Sydney is well aware of the traffic congestion. Getting anywhere by car during peak times is slow and frustrating. I have met people who spend two hours per day driving to work. Add to this the drive home, and then multiply this by the number of working days in a week. What you end up with is a lot of idle time sitting in a car.

What To Do With All This Idle Time

Listening to the car radio is the generally the first option. Most radio stations have “Drive Time” programs. Listening to a Podcast is another option. For the well organised, listening to audio books is a way to broaden your mind in this idle time. For those who like to do the talking, the mobile phone provides an outlet to connect with almost anyone on the planet.

Every Red Light Is Practise Time

For me, driving in Sydney’s horrendous traffic provides an opportunity to practise playing my ukulele. Every red light is a chance to run through the latest addition to my repertoire. For me, I find the frustration in lights turning green, as this cuts off my practice time.

Perfect Size For The Passenger Seat

I always keep a ukulele on the passenger seat of my car. A guitar would be too big. A ukulele is the perfect size for sitting behind the steering wheel. I pull up at a red light and my left hand instinctively reaches across and grabs my ukulele. Whatever song I’m currently learning, I start playing and singing.

A Way To Connect With Other Around You

I’m a “window down” driver. I hate air conditioning in cars. I’ve always been a fan of having the window down. Launching into a song at a red light frequently attracts the attention of other motorists or their passengers. Connecting with a fellow motorist through a song is a nice way to take their mind off the red light and share the gift of music.

Sydney Ukulele Player's Best Tip For Learning Ukulele
Welcome To The Practice Room

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