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Amazing Ukulele Players

Amazing Ukulele Players – Toast Garden

I am on a quest to discover amazing ukulele players from around the world. This week I interviewed a duo from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. They go by the name, “Toast Garden”. Meet Bill and Lizzie. They are extremely generous in the love they share with the world through their wonderful renditions of classic pop songs. Their harmony singing is what sets these two apart from others in the ukulele community. 

In the interview they did with me, they give valuable insights into their equipment and what inspires them. Bill also mentions some of his earlier mentors with whom he studied guitar prior to to switching to ukulele. The interview runs for 20 minutes, so settle back and enjoy!

Interview With Toast Garden

Bill and Lizzie's Ukulele Collection

Bill and Lizzie own couple of Outdoor Ukuleles. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, take a look at the Outdoor Ukulele website ( Also in their collection is a  Kala U-bass and a Risa electric uke. Risa is a German ukulele company. Their electric ukuleles have steel strings. For more on Risa ukuleles, visit their website  –

However… the ukuleles that Bill and Lizzie play most often are (Lizzie) a Kanilea concert and (Bill) a Koaloha tenor. So many ukuleles! They certainly have a wonderful collection!

amazing ukulele players

Original Songs On Spotify

Toast Garden are mainly into doing renditions of popular songs, with an emphasis on the 1960’s and anything with great vocal harmonies. Nevertheless, they do have some original material on Spotify. The pick of these is “Raindrops”. Take a listen…

A selection of clips from their You Tube channel

They have dozens of videos on You Tube. These are by no means the best of what they have posted, but simply an overview to show you their versatility.

Links for more information about Toast Garden

You can find out more about Toast Garden by following these links…

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