Amazing Ukulele Players
Amazing Ukulele Players

Amazing Ukulele Players – Sho Humphries

Amazing Ukulele Players - Sho Humphries

I am on a quest to discover amazing ukulele players from around the world. Hailing from Austin, Texas, U.S.A is the phenomenally talented Sho Humphries. 

He has just release his new single “Love You”. Take a quick listen below on Spotify…

I interviewed Sho via Zoom. He generously shares details of his ukulele playing techniques. Whether or not you play the ukulele, what Sho has to say is totally inspiring. This is a “must watch” video.

My Interview With Sho Humphries

About Sho Humphries...

Sho is an example of an aspiring artist who has initially been inspired by an older established artist, but then taken the inspiration, made it his own and then created his own unique voice. 

Sho had been given a ukulele as a birthday present from his parents. He didn’t really take the instrument seriously until he came across a YouTube video of Jake Shimabukuro playing his now famous rendition of George Harrison’s, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Later that year, Jake came on tour through Sho’s home town of Austin, Texas. After Sho witnessed Jake Shimabukuro’s  remarkable talent in a live setting, he was bitten by the ukulele bug.

In addition to his newly released single, Sho has a full album available of solo ukulele playing. It is an expose of his remarkable strumming technique. The energy that Sho creates with his right hand is extraordinary. Think of the opening guitar riff on The Doobie Brother’s all time rock classic, “Long Train Running”, and then turn up the intensity to about 200%.

We look forward to the release of the music video for “Love You!”, and to the release of Sho’s next single and his future endeavours.

Hot Off The Press! Sho latest Music Video

Find Out More About Sho Humphries

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