Amazing Ukulele Players

Amazing Ukulele Players – Martin Diego Cabello and Valeria Uher

In my search for Amazing Ukulele Players, I bring to you from Buenos Aires in Argentina, Martin Diego Cabello and Valeria Uher. They both play ukulele. Martin is a virtuoso. Valeria is primarily a singer who also plays uke. What makes them unique is that they bring tango to the ukulele. Their talents are extraordinary.

Interview with Martin Diego Cabello and Valeria Uher

I interviewed Martin and Valeria via Zoom. I don’t speak any Spanish, so obviously there were some challenges with regards to language and accents. Regardless, the interview went very well and I’m sure you’ll find it thoroughly interesting.

Poetry On The Ukulele

During lockdown in Buenos Aires, Martin has been writing etudes for ukulele. They are all examples of pure musical poetry. The pieces are succinct yet each tells a story. They are inspiring examples of musical originality. 

Martin Diego Cabello

Martin is a professor of the guitar in Buenos Aires. One day, one of his students brought in a ukulele to class. Martin was intrigued by it’s similarities to, yet difference from, the guitar. That’s when Martin took up the ukulele. He has since written two books. A beginners book and a book of etudes for the ukulele. 

And a book of studies…

If you are interested in buying either (or both) of these books, here’s a link.

Valeria Uher

Similarly to Martin, Valeria has also written a book. Her book is about singing.

Album on Spotify

And finally…

Do yourself a favour and have a listen to Martin and Valeria’s album, Uke Tango

Martin Diego Cabello and Valeria Uher

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