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Amazing Ukulele Players

Amazing Ukulele Players – Garazfunk

My quest to discover amazing ukulele players has taken me to Warsaw, Poland. There, I have discovered Piotr Zabiello, also know as Garazfunk.

Ukulele Funk

Garazfunk brings funk to ukulele. He creates LoFi beats and grooves on an ipad. To these, he overlays multiple ukulele tracks. His approach to playing the ukulele is unique.

Interview With Garazfunk

In my interview with Garazfunk, we discuss his unique approach to the ukulele. We talk about his use of plectrums, using only three strings and his unique tuning. This is a must watch video.

Recordings by Garazfunk

Click on this image (below) to link to Garazfunk’s albums on bandcamp

More about Garazfunk

Piotr Zabiello came up with the name “garazfunk” as a variation on the term “garage band”. The most prominent stylist element in Piotr’s music is funk. Thus, he has combined “garage-band” with “funk” and ended up with garazfunk.

Piotr’s first instrument was the guitar. He then moved onto bass guitar, playing in numerous original rock bands in Poland. Piotr’s studies in the bass guitar led to him developing a love for funk music.

After playing bass guitar for many years, with a variety of bands, Piotr discovered the ukulele, to which he applied his love of funk music.


I initially came across Garazfunk on Instagram. He makes quirky videos in his home. His style of filming compliments his compositions. Piotr is totally immersed in his music while the camera is rolling. His musicianship and musical concepts are extraordinary.

To see Garazband on Instagram, you can follow this link –

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