amazing ukulele players
Amazing Ukulele Players

Amazing Ukulele Players – Christopher Davis-Shannon

I am continuing in my quest to interview and write about amazing ukulele players from around the world. This week, my ukulele maestro is Christopher Davis-Shannon,

amazing ukulele players christopher davis-shannon
Photo courtesy of Chris Sikich

Christopher is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He is just as much an historian of the ukulele as he is a master of playing the instrument. He has also established himself as a highly respected educator, sharing his expertise in playing the ukulele on his YouTube channel.

Firstly, two videos of Christopher Davis-Shannon in action

Christopher's Expertise

Ukulele is just one of the instruments that Christopher plays. He is also an accomplished double bassist and guitarist, in addition to playing clarinet and singing. His main focus of expertise is music from the first half of the twentieth century. In his own words, “pre-1943”. He has studied and transcribed the works of many musicians from this era on their various instruments. 

My interview With Christopher Davis-Shannon

Christopher is extremely generous the information he shares. If you want to be inspired, then watch this interview! The topics we cover are; (i) his ukuleles, (ii) some of the musicians from the twenties and thirties who have inspired him, (iii) transcribing songs, and then (iv) we finish by talking about his own series of interviews, which is titled “Checking In”.

The Interview

Two Of Christopher's Many Ukulele Tutorials

EP on Spotify

For those readers who use Spotify, Christopher has a few releases, Here’s a link to his EP, entitled “Empty Kettle”.

Checking In

During the Coronavirus lockdowns, Christopher has taken to time to reach out and talk to other musicians around the world. He has his own series of interviews, which he calls, “Checking In”. Check them out…

How To Find Out More About Christopher Davis-Shannon

Below are links to Christopher’s website and social media platforms


Amazing Ukulele Players - Christopher Davis-Shannon
Photo courtesy of Stacey Salter Moore

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